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In Germany there are over 1,500 promotion and funding programmes aimed at national companies of various sizes. In addition to well-known federal funding programmes, each federal state has its own funding guidelines and SME promotion landscape. Whether you want to start a business, increase the IT security of your company or develop an expensive innovation, there is a big chance to find a suitable funding programme. Of course, every funding comes with its own conditions, eligibility criteria and bureaucratic hurdles. Evaluating these takes time, because this information can often be found only in the lower case. The application process can also be tedious and lengthy. With my support you save the time for monitoring the funding landscape and for researching the funding conditions and the funding amount. I will help you to define your project according to the guidelines and to present it in the project application. In addition, I will prepare you for the requirements for the project documentation and possible examinations so that you can start your project immediately with the positive funding notification.



Many companies do not know the potential that lies behind public tenders in various industries and fields of activity. Delivery of equipment and services to federal or state ministries and subordinate authorities is just the beginning. Public administrations in other European countries have to tender across the EU, above a certain procurement value, and the European Union with its numerous institutions and (development cooperation) projects has a large procurement need for services and material goods – from facility management to laboratory equipment. In addition, there are procurement programmes of international organizations such as the UN, the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Each of these institutions has its own allocation platforms, eligibility criteria and evaluation guidelines. Once you have an overview of these and have found a suitable tender, creating a tender offer is a small project in itself. In compliance with the deadline, the methodical procedure must be defined, references must be compiled and the financials calculated. Working with an expert can save a lot of effort and avoid mistakes, especially if your company has little experience with public clients. I will introduce you to all the tendering platforms and associated guidelines, find the right tender for your company and, if needed, develop the offer together with you. With many years of experience with public clients, I can support you in the management of the third-party funded projects, also after successful participation. By the way, you can use the lists of contracts awarded by these institutions to get a good overview of the market and competitors – I’ll show you how to find and use the list of awarded companies.

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